Environmental Policy Statement

Satellite Digital operates in accordance with the highest environmental responsibility standards and is committed to sustainable printing practices to ensure:

  • environmental responsibility forms a key part of the company’s planning and operations
  • an effective Environmental Management System is maintained to international standards
  • the identification, assessment and management of environmental risk arising from all business activities is a standard practice
  • environmental objectives and strategies for pollution reduction and prevention are set and monitored
  • employees, suppliers and clients understand this policy and its application
  • employees are trained on working to environmentally responsible standards
  • that Government, industry, employees and the community are consulted on operations that may have an environmental effect, helping to minimise this impact at each level in the supply chain
  • Satellite Digital upholds an understanding and education for those the company does business with on the impact, responsible and safe use of the company’s products
  • a continued endeavour to minimise Satellite Digital’s environmental impact through an informed and considered approach to plant and equipment purchase, paper stock and ink selection, development and maintenance programmes and water management plans